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Acne Remedies

As you might know that there are millions of people around the world suffering from acne, acne rears its’ ugly head often and with a vengeance.

Teenagers are at the highest risk, with 70 percent of them affected with these unattractive and painful blemishes. Clear, glowing skin, free of acne is what we want.

Psychological trauma can also result from acne. Some people experience a loss of self esteem and general depression over the fact that their appearance is far from perfect. When you believe there is nothing that can be done, this only serves to promote low self esteem and increase your depression.

Fortunately, there are several acne remedies available to get you back on track to a healthy, clear complexion.The reason so many teens are afflicted with acne is, in part, because of fluctuating hormones, producing extra oils which are secreted through the pores of your skin. The fluctuating hormones are a normal condition at this age. Your most important weapon against acne outbreaks is your diet.

Teens often consume lots of soda, junk food, fried foods, pizzas and those great greasy burgers. This type of diet only overloads your system with still more oils, which may quickly appear on your face and even your body. This develops a classic good news, bad news situation.

The food tastes great, but the excess oil soon shows up on your skin. Although you’ve heard it ad nauseum, try to steer away from these types of foods. Acne remedies they are not!

Instead, make it your habit to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. Go for unprocessed and unrefined foods when possible. Did you know that the single-slice type processed cheeses are made mostly with oil? Shocking when you think of it.

Drink juices instead of soda. Whole grains, rice and lean meats and fish are other good choices. Avoid fried foods. If you can’t do it cold turkey, then make gradual changes. A healthy diet is among the best acne remedies available.

There are several herbs which are effective acne remedies. They are renowned blood cleansers which have been used for centuries to literally clean your blood and organs of toxins which accumulate and contribute to acne outbreaks, especially useful in the teenage years.

These herbs include Burdock root, Echinacea root, Red clover blossoms and Dandelion root. All may be found at your local herb shop. Red clover blossoms make a sweet and delicious tea.

The other herbs are quite bitter,so you’ll want to take them in capsule form. Alternating use of each herb is recommended. Take burdock root one week and Echinacea root the next, and so on.

Vitamin supplements are another addition to your acne remedy. A good, balanced multi-vitamin supplement supports your entire system’s general health.

Vitamins A, C and E are particularly important to healthy skin.

Pay attention to your diet, get regular exercise and drink plenty of water.

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Try these acne remedies cause if you do, You’ll soon see results!