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ADHD Alternative Treatment

I am not an ADHD expert also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD or in short Attention Deficit Disorder.  So i had to research this much further because my readers have been asking me to find the right therapy and ADHD Alternative Treatmentmedical treatment for ADHD that is if there is any ones out there that work.

So here it goes all of the ADHD alternative treatment methods I have learned so far boils to this: At this point you will have come across the “traditional” or most common treatments, such as psychotherapy and drug (Amphetamine, Ritalin, etc. Al.) therapy combined, and will have found some ADHD alternative treatments, as well.  These include such alternatives as the following:


Some turn away from western medicine to such alternatives as acupressure—a healing technique that has been successfully applied for smoking habits, weight problems, anxiety disorders, fertility issues, and even HDHD symptoms.  As of 1997, the Lincoln Hospital Recovery Center in Bronx, New York, for example, administers acupressure treatments to those with ADHD.

They have had remarkable results: kids have been positively impacted in regards to their sleep and hyperactivity patterns, blood pressure and depression problems, studying and participating, working, and just sitting…calmly and without the “mind spinning” so familiar to those with ADHD.


Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, for instance, are energy healing approaches that work on the premise that the human being is a dynamic being, connected by physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional components.  Energy healing methods seek to balance these components, so in the person with ADHD, the symmetry that results is said to be calming—slowing the activity down so the person can focus, is less anxious, and is less intrusive and defiant.


A close investigation of foods that are or contain allergens and irritants to the nervous system has revealed the possibility of ADDers being especially negatively impacted.  ADD treatments in this area include eliminating or curbing intake of white flour, sugar, and/or additives/preservatives.  But the controversy still roars on this one, and FDA and other regulatory bodies have not acknowledged the veracity of gross dietary changes…yet.


Much attention has been paid to holistic treatment, other ADHD alternative treatment, and vitamin therapies.  And many vitamin sources claim to help alleviate such symptoms as inability to focus, edginess, and sleep problems.  But as with any ingesting therapies, inappropriate application can lead to damaging results on other parts of the body and brain.

So what most specialists will acknowledge as important is nutritional balance, antioxidant vitamin supplements (A, E, for example), and/or a multi-vitamin…though as with many alternatives they will not attest to any remarkable cures or absolute recovery, which has yet to be proved, documented, and announced…for now, anyway.

You also need to Weigh the ADHD alternative treatment options available to you by reading whatever you can like i did: read magazines, books, on- and offline articles.

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