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Alternative Treatments For Bipolar Disorder

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, chances are medication has been prescribed to treat the condition. Unfortunately, medication often comes with side effects that are so unpleasant the patient refuses to take them or does not take them on a consistent basis.

If you find that your bipolar medication is making you sick or that you feel so bad you no longer want to take it, consider using a alternative treatments for bipolar disorder. Many have had great success when doing so in controlling their mood swings. Conventional medications must be continued also, but the dosage may be able to be reduced.

Calming herbs are very helpful natural remedies for bipolar disorder in treating bipolar disorder. Most can be used in conjunction with psychiatric medications. These may include lavender and Passiflora incarnata. Biochemic Alternative Treatments For Bipolar Disordertissues salts fall into this category and restore the nervous system. Natrium sulphate, Natrium phosphate, and Kalium phosphate are types of tissue salts and help to prevent mood swings while balancing your mood.

Tarentula and Hyoscyamus are two other homeopathic remedies for bipolar disorder you may wish to try. Before starting any of these though, be sure you check with your doctor or homeopath to ensure you won’t have any drug interactions.

Changing your diet also helps considerably in controlling bipolar disorder. Certain foods can negatively impact a person’s mental state. Most of these foods are also potential allergens. Try an elimination diet for three or four weeks to see if this helps in regulating your mood. Foods to be eliminated include alcohol, gluten, dairy products, corn, wheat, food additives, and caffeine.

Remove all of these foods from your diet and then introduce them back in at the rate of one food every two days. Pay attention to how your body responds as you introduce each food. Often wheat and gluten will be the two that will most affect your mood.

Omega 3 fatty acids appear to decrease the frequency of manic episodes while also prolonging the intervals between episodes. This allows for a more normal life. Fish is a great natural remedies for bipolar disorder of these fatty acids. L-tyrosine also lessens the symptoms of this disorder as this non-essential amino acid helps the body produce the neurotransmitter serotonin.

When your body is low on this neurotransmitter, you are more likely to become depressed. Dairy products, wheat, and fish all naturally increase L-tyrosine levels in the body and can improve your mood. Help to control your disorder today by using these alternative treatments for bipolar disorder as they are sure to help. Source