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Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles are a constant annoyance in our beauty routine.  We can cover them up, but we would love more than anything to just get rid of them!  However, treatments for dark circles can be expensive.  Thankfully, there are many natural home remedies for dark circles under the eyes, easy, and cheap ways to fix this problem.

First of all, we need to understand what causes dark circles under the eyes:

-heredity – lack of sleep – sun exposure – lack of water – age – allergies – poor nutrition

The list goes on and on…

If you’re like me and don’t think that any of these factors are a major contributer to your dark circles, then I would suggest some of these simple home remedies for dark circles under the eyes:

Cucumbers: They really do work!

Cucumber juice is soothing to your skins and your undereyes.  You wear them whole, blend them and apply them combined with a cream/lotion, or apply the juice using cotton balls.  No matter which method you use, you should leave the cucumber on for about 10-15 minutes.  Potato also has similar properties and can be used as a substitute (as long as you use it raw).

Tea Bags: Slow and Steady

Various uses of tea bags are said to reduce dark circles.  You can apply them after they are used and cold or apply warm tea to your undereyes.  Ten minutes is a good amount of time to leave them on.  I have not tried this home remedies for dark circles under the eyes myself, but I’ve heard that it may be slow, but it works!

Almonds: The Best of the Best

One of the most effective remedies for dark circles under the eyes is said to be almonds, specifically almond oil.  The oil can be applied under the eyes for about ten minutes or overnight.  Also, ground almonds can be applied for ten minutes when combined with milk. I have not yet had a chance to try this one out so let me know how it goes!

My Favorite home remedies for dark circles under the eyes:

I don’t exactly know what to call this one, but I have heard that it is rather famous.  It consists of tomato juice, lemon juice, turmeric powder, and flour.  I like to use this home remedies for dark circles under eyes because the ingredients are easy to come by and I already had them in my house.

You should use equal amounts of each juice, just a tidbit of the powder, and enough flour to make a cream – then leave this on for ten minutes.  I’ve also heard that this dark circle remedies is most effective in the morning.

I would recommend any of these home remedies for dark circles solutions: they’re all natural remedies and easy to make.  If you have extra – I always seem to make more than I need – you should probably store it in the refridgerator because of the fresh ingredients.  I hope that you try out these dark circles home remedies and let me know how it goes! Source