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Home Remedies For Arthritis

Home Remedies For ArthritisArthritis results when the inside layer of the capsule around a joint develops into inflamed and thicken, leading to swelling, ache and rigidity. It can also inflame the eyes and lungs causing serious consequences.

Here are some home remedies for arthritis that are very effective in treating the arthritis condition:

  • Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne Pepper Extract has been practically seen a good natural remedy for arthritis. This is a good natural way by which arthritis can be controlled if not cured. This home remedy for arthritis is widely used world wide due to its wonderful results.
  • Emu Oil – Emu Oil is also an excellent home remedies for arthritisand has been highly effective in reducing the inflammation caused due to the prevailed arthritic condition. This action of Emu oil is due to its small molecular weight that makes it easily penetrable into the skin providing fast and sustainable relief.
  • A great natural remedy for arthritis which is recommended by many people involves the use of 1 cup of fresh pine apple juice, as it helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation in arthritis.
  • A tea spoon of black sesame seeds, soaked in 1/4th cup of water and kept over night, has been found to be efficient in avoiding joint pains and arthritis.
  • 2 table spoons of lemon juice and a tea spoon of honey or shahad mixed in a cup of warm water is helpful in curing arthritis and joint pain problems. It can be taken in dosage of 2 times daily. This natural remedy for arthritis is also recommended by most ayurvedic doctors too.
  • Warm coconut oil or mustard oil, mixed with 2 or 3 pieces of camphor should be gently massaged on rigid and aching joints. This home remedy for arthritis will augment blood supply, and decrease inflammation and stiffness.

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