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Home Remedies For Hiccups

The thing with hiccups is that they are generally considered a minor annoyance. Almost everyone has experienced this involuntary spasm of the diaphragm. As air rushes in, the glottis in the voice box is pulled closed and creates the sound doctors call “singultus.”

A normal bout of hiccups doesn’t last very long, but it can be embarrassing. Home hiccup remedies are the usual treatment. Doctors have even written about hiccup remedies in the medical literature. One classic hiccups remedy, a spoonful of granulated sugar swallowed dry, was recommended in The New England Journal of Medicine (Dec. 23, 1971).

Readers of this column have offered dozens of other natural remedies and natural cures suggestions. Here is one favorite: “I hope you will publish this hiccup cure, as it never fails. I was tormented with hiccups for years. They were so loud they could be heard up the block.

“I tried sugar, scaring and other things; then in college I found something that has never failed. The simple home remedies for hiccups is to drink water while standing up and holding the ears closed. After years of being helped with this, having a second person hold my ears, I realized I could do it myself. I hold my ears closed with my thumbs, and hold the water glass with the four fingers of each hand. (I like the solo method much better. It keeps me from spitting the water out in laughter, for one thing.)

“How much water is needed depends on how bad the hiccups are. One glass usually works. If not, a second will do it. I think only once in decades have I had to Advertisement use a third glass.

“If there is only a water fountain and no glass, hold the water in your mouth, stand up and swallow while holding your ears, then repeat. Finding this home hiccups cure was worth the price of my senior-year college tuition. I learned it in nutrition class.”

Another reader commented on this: “The person who said to hold your ears closed and drink a glass of water didn’t go far enough. You also have to hold your nose closed as well. Doing all three, closing the ears and nose and drinking water, has never failed me.”

Bartenders are a common source of home remedies for hiccups recommendations: “A tablespoon or two of Angostura bitters taken all at once always cures my hiccups. A bartender told me about this many years ago!”

Bartenders also have offered their home remedies for hiccups patrons a wedge of lemon, a shot of white vinegar or a green olive.

Some readers have truly unusual hiccup cures and home remedies for hiccup. One woman reported: “My husband had hiccups for four days and finally went to the doctor when his ribs started to hurt. The doctor told him to use an enema suppository. The hiccups were gone within 24 hours.”

A physician should be consulted about hiccups that persist for a long time. In rare cases, hiccups are a symptom of something more serious.Original Source