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Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Dogs

If you have a dog with diabetes, you may be looking for natural ways to treat your pooch. Here are some great natural remedies for diabetes in dogs.

First, is Fenugreek, which is an herb that was used by the Chinese and Egyptians for many centuries to treat many different diseases. It helps dogs with diabetics by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates, that helps normalize glucose levels. It also helps stimulate insulin production in the body.

Next natural remedies for diabetes in dogs is Astragalus, which is an herb that is traditionally used in Chinese medicine. It`s Chinese name is huang qi and in Chinese medicine, it is used to reduce blood glucose levels. It prevents the formation of cataracts as well. It is also an extremely effective herb for boosting the immune system.

Next natural remedies for diabetes in dogs is the herbal remedy Bilberry, which is a relative of the cranberry. This herb prevents cataracts in dogs and humans, which is a common problem brought on by diabetes so giving this herb helps prevent this problem. This is because Bilberry has Anthocyanin, which protects the eyes.

Next homeopathic dog remedies is Goat`s Rue and this herb was used to strengthen the pancreas in the Middle Ages. It also lowers glucose levels without causing hypoglycemia. It reduces the risk of cataracts, kidney complications and retinopathy that could be brought on by diabetes.

If your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, you should start him on these homeopathic dog remedies and you can combine these natural remedies for diabetes in dogs with the insulin your vet has prescribed but always consult your vet as the the best course of action for your dog`s diabetic treatment.

These natural remedies for diabetes in dogs have been used safely for centuries and are perfectly safe to give to your dog. Source