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Natural Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

Are you confronting with menstrual cramps? What causes this pain? The uterine muscles contracts during a period when prostaglandin are produced. Sometimes when it contracts, cramping pain is felt.

What we should do when menstrual pain hit ? To get rid of this unpleasant state then you should try some easy natural remedies for menstrual cramps.  Many studies have shown that natural remedies for menstrual cramps are more effective then painkillers or other medicines drugs.

Menstrual is a very important time for purification and regeneration of whole body tissue, because along with blood it eliminates many toxic substances produced by the body during its normal biological activity.
It is also best to avoid that after this operation to remove metabolic waste to overload your body with foods that digest or assimilated with difficulty.

For example we can reduce foods with high protein content (eggs, cheese, meat, fish) especially rich in animal fat (butter, cream, sausage) and canned foods, coffee, tea and white sugar.
Too many toxins can actually clog the blood vessels and to slow menstrual flow, being an impediment to the purification of the body and giving birth pain.

To help dilute the blood it is better to adopt a fluid diet. Water is actually a symbolic element nearest menstruation: facilitates the dissolution of the outside and reminds us of the purification.

The best is that before menstruation, limit the food consumption as much as possible that we have indicated above and replace them; for example at least at dinner table eat a rich fruit salad or a raw greens fresh salad .

Here are several advices of natural remedies for menstrual cramps:

  • Do infusion of the following tea : Chamomile flowers, Cinnamon, Tarragon leaves, Bay,  Parsley, Rosemary, Saffron stigmas. Put one tablespoon of mixture per cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for ten  minutes. Besides, outside the period of menstruation, this infusion can be taken for blood circulation.
  • Make tea from the following plants that can reduce excessive blood flow : strawberry, blackberry, raspberry leaves, roses and nettles
  • Marigold and Lady’s Mantle tea, drink a week before the cycle, can be a good natural remedies for menstrual cramps.
  • Drink more water to cleanse the blood. Water is efficiency for menstrual cramps.
  • Applied to the belly warm compresses will certainly reduce the terrible pain.

For irregular menstrual cycles practice genital three bathrooms with cold running water daily (5-10 min). Stop the treatment three days before menstruation start and resume it after 8 days.  We obtain an improvement and if alternating baths of legs (first warm, then cold).

  • Clay: the good earth that keep the pain away. If used consistently and regularly, clay can become a powerful ally of women against dysmenorrhea.

These tips come from the folk tradition that says the earth is always feminine symbol. When the pain hit you, prepare a hot packaging with green clay and olive oil and apply it on the pubic region and on the liver. Then covered with a blanket or a thicker coat to keep warm.

Stay straight, relaxed, letting the mind pleasant images appear every day for 30 min.Do not interrupt the wrapping during cycle and tried to make them in the evening. It may be necessary to continue and subsequently every 2 days for several months.

You need a food rich in fatty acids (fish with fatty meat, oil). Eat more starchy foods (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, dried fruit). If dysmenorrhea continue to annoy, do not forget that food may by the problem.

Natural remedies for menstrual cramps fixes the Premenstrual Syndrome to, which is an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, which occurs about two weeks before the cycle. Symptoms: breast pain, hunger continues, bloating, bad mood, feeling depressed, sleeplessness.

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I wish you all the best in your quest on how to cure menstrual cramps.