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Natural Remedies For Osteoporosis

It is important to be cautious with our health early in life, especially because we are exposed to so many diseases that exist in this world and one of them is osteoporosis. Let’s found out some interesting thinks that you should know about this disease.

The reserch studies showed that osteoporosis is a disease described as the presence of bone demineralisation and appears mostly in women during menopause, people which are  consuming alcohol, tobacco or as an alternative determination of more severe diseases such as arthritis, systemic lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, certain cancers.

Natural Remedies For Osteoporosis can be a better alternative instead of the prescribed medical treatment.

As the bones become more porous and fragile, the risk of fracture is greatly increased. Symptoms include back pain, especially when changing body position or climbing stairs. In some cases, not showing any symptoms until a bone breaks.

As I mentioned above women are usually more prone to osteoporosis and after menopause, estrogen levels is much lower, which accelerates bone density loss.

Here are some natural remedies for osteoporosis that might help you:

  •    Lemons and eggs: let soak for 7 days, crushed egg shells in lemon juice, eat 3 teaspoons per day. Also frequently eat lemons, herbal teas, honey.
  •    Eat fresh spinach salad with lemon.
  •    Drink milk with sesame powder: 200 ml milk, 15 g of sesame powder, one teaspoon of honey. Mix ingredients and drink three times a day
  •    Nettles-it is indicated in osteoporosis and also in cases of rheumatism, artritism, uric stones, or intestinal inflammation gatsrice.
  •    Carrots: Beta carotene increases the synthesis of progesterone.
  •    Figs are an excellent source of calcium.
  •    Soy milk is a very good source of calcium also.
  •    Eat vegetables, fruit and do not miss vitamin C and magnesium.
  •    Eat yogurt and cheese
  •    Baths with essential oils – Chamomile and Pine.
  •    Try natural products – capsules of horsetail powder, calcium from oyster, for a month, 3-4 times a year.
  •    Sit in the sun. 20 minutes in the sun provide sufficient vitamin D.
  •    Compress – three peaks knife mix black pepper with a glass of coarse salt and 1 / 2 liter of brandy, leave to soak for five days, apply to painful areas.
  •   Another important think is to move more, that promotes bone formation and reduce the loss of calcium and other minerals.

Give up on alcohol, coffee because caffeine speeds up the elimination of calcium and other minerals from the body, smoking because nicotine emphasizes the elimination of calcium and hastens menopause.

I hope that these natural remedies for osteoporosis will be useful to improve the disease and also in some cases the recovery is possible.