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Natural Remedies For Sinus Infections

About the only surefire remedy you are ever told about for sinusitis, usually is a prescription of antibiotics. If antibiotics every now and then aren’t really your style, or if you are pregnant, is there a way that natural sinus infection remedies would work? Is there a way you could tackle the pain, the congestion, the headaches that come from sinus infections right at home? As a matter of fact, here are some natural remedies for sinus infections that you can try.

Let start with a comforting one. Do you have apple cider vinegar at home? It can be a great natural remedies for a sinus infection.

If you feel one coming on, or if you have an infection already, all you need to do is to mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of warm water, and keep sipping on it. If you are prone to sinus infections, bring on the apple cider vinegar as soon as you feel a sniffle coming on. It should clear it up right away.

Have you tried inhaling steam?  This is an excellent natural remedy for sinus infections which is going to help you clear up the stuffiness. You get a bowl of steaming hot water, put in a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in, place your head over it with a towel covering you over to keep the steam in, and inhale deeply. The heat in the eucalyptus oil thins your mucus and helps you clear it out quickly.

Here’s a bit of a stinky solution that really works for some – garlic juice. It isn’t just bacteria that is capable of attacking your sinuses – fungus can be bothersome culprits in sinusitis too. Garlic is a great anti fungal and antibacterial. Inhaling steam infused with garlic juice can be a great way to get the goodness of garlic directly to your sinuses.

If you’ve been searching on the Internet for sinus infection remedies , it is likely that you have come by at least a photograph or two of people irrigating their nasal passages to help clear up a sinus problem.

Nasal irrigation can be somewhat complicated if you’re doing this for the first time. Try with a syringe (without the needle!) or a pipette, filled with warm water in one hand, you need to tilt your head until it’s horizontal, jam the syringe (pipette) into the upper nostril and push the plunger. The water will go into one nostril, cleanse out your nasal cavity and come out of the other nostril.

If you are pregnant you can use a few simple antibiotics, painkillers or decongestants would not really hurt you either. Do not blow your nose violently. Blow your every one nostril at a time, not both at once. Sudden pressure can push bacteria from the ear back in the sinuses.