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Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises

Now no doctor or researcher in the world really knows what exactly causes rheumatoid arthritis. There is a good bit of scientific speculation that’s been doing the rounds that genetics can have something to do with it. Still, not knowing everything about the causes of the disease doesn’t stop researchers from discovering ways to help you and me and deal better with the  symptoms.

Physiotherapists know of some pretty effective rheumatoid arthritis exercises that they recommend to help you stay on your feet in a reasonably active life even while you are afflicted with the condition. One of the worst parts of being afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis is the fact that you have to live with pain every minute you need to move.

Rheumatoid arthritis exercises therefore, need to be gentle while trying to strengthen your muscles – sothat they take painful pressure off your joints. Have a word with your doctor and try these exercises while you are as gentle as you can be on your poor joints. Before long time a you should be able to witness quite a bit of improvement.

Let’s start with a simple one that should help your wrists. Hold your hands out front, and rotate them in every direction so as to lubricate and smooth motion in your wrist joints. Do it several times in each direction. Now the knees usually happen to be the most painful of all the joints that ever become arthritic.

Help lubricate your knee joints lying down on your back, holding your legs up and then bending your knees as far as they will go. You can do this a couple of dozen times. Your ankles can respond well to a workout of the kind that you gave your wrists as well – you can stick them out and rotate them several times every which way. As long as you start slowly and try not to force yourself past any pain, you’ll find that these exercises build stronger joints that will be able to take more use and more pain with time.

Once you feel up to it, strengthening your muscles with little resistance training can really help. There are studies that show that high intensity strength training doesn’t have to be painful after a while, training your limbs to begin with on resistence free exercises.

Exercising with weight helps build muscle strength and helps you function better. It also helps you limbs bear greater weight. Surprisingly, rheumatoid arthritis exercises even help people feel emotionally better. There are basically two kinds of exercises you could go with to strengthen your muscles.

Isotonic exercises involve moving your joints against the resistance of a weight. You can tie a weight cuff or something to your ankle, and move your leg through the entire range of motion that it is capable of. With isometric exercises, you could try to strengthen your limbs without moving anything. You could just place your foot against a table or something immovable, and strain against it. There is no movement involved. This can be particularly helpful if any kind of movement at all is painful


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With a little input from your doctor, these rheumatoid arthritis exercises can really help you live a happier and more productive life. You can’t hurry these things of course; for those who have the patience to try long enough, the rewards for your quality of life can be pretty exciting.

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